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Apothecary87 - Original Recipe Beard Oil

Apothecary87 - Original Recipe Beard Oilavailable



50ml Large bottle. The original Apothecary 87 product. Created with simple goals in mind: smell manly; reduce irritation; condition the hair and moisturise the skin.

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  • A87 fully understand you have hectic man lives to lead. The scents in our Original Recipe are designed to relax and de-stress you, giving you that little bit extra, so you can do whatever it is you do well and face challenges with confidence and honour.
  • Your man beard will be soft, healthy and conditioned. Did you know… Did you know that by massaging the skin, the increased blood flow will help stimulate growth?
  • The Apothecary 87 beard oils are designed to help keep skin moisturised, which will help reduce irritation, itching and dandruff.
  • All A87 products are made cruelty free.


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