Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   When my one month free trial runs out how do I make payment to continue my Premium Membership?

A.   You will need to arrange payment for the 1st working day of the next month. This can be arranged by bank transfer monthly or by setting up a monthly standing order.  Please contact our office by email at for account details or standing order form.

Q.   If I wish to downgrade to Essential Membership or upgrade to Premium Membership what shall I do?

A.   Please contact us via email at to advise and we will change your membership accordingly.

Q.   What do I do if I wish to be taken off the Visit Great Ayton website?

A.   Please contact us via email at and we will remove your business straightaway.

Q.   How do I notify Visit Great Ayton about a special offer I would like to promote?

A.   Please email to  We have set prices in place for advertising and we can discuss these further when you contact us.

Q.   I need to update our contact details or would like to change images or information associated on the Visit Great Ayton website with our business.

A.   Please email to You can email over any information changes and photographs and we will update these happily at no extra cost.

Q.   Can I change the site my profile is linked to?

A.  For Premium Membership only, we allow a link to one external site, if you wish to change e.g. your website to your Facebook page or an alternative please let us know and we will change this straightaway at no extra cost. Please email to for any changes.

Q.   How do I advertise on Visit Great Ayton?

A.   Please email to .

Q.   I have a technical question or issue - who do I contact?

A.   Please contact Technical Support via email at for help and advice.

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