Pop-up campsite owners urged to check their flood risk

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Farmers and landowners, setting up temporary campsites for the summer holidays, are being urged to create a Flood Plan and sign up to the Flood Warning Service, in order to keep campers safe.


Flash floods can happen at any time of year. In some areas, some of the most severe flooding has happened during the summer months. Last August (2020) both Storm Ellen and Storm Francis arrived in the summer holiday period bringing heavy rain. 

Flooding can happen very quickly bringing a significant risk to life and campsites can be particularly vulnerable. It can occur from different sources; you don’t need to be near a river for flooding to affect your campsite. Surface water and groundwater flooding can occur from sudden and heavy rainfall as well as from high river levels. 

Taking steps to prepare for flooding, and knowing what to do in a flood, can significantly reduce risk to life and help reduce damage to a business.

For further information on this subject email the EA Flood Resilience Team at -

The Environment Agency are advising all campsite owners to:  

Check if they are at risk from flooding:

Sign up for free Flood Warnings here: or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188

Create a Flood Plan:

Owners can find more information on how to prepare for flooding, what to do during and after a flood and how to prepare a site flood plan at

Information provided courtesy of the Environment Agency.


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