Itzamna's Cocoa

Itzamna's Cocoa in Great Ayton

Great Ayton, North Yorkshire 

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Beautifully crafted wedding favour chocolates.

Our Story

Having been passionate about working with chocolate since I was 18, now 25, I have finally reached the stage where I can start my own business, making and selling handmade chocolates from our kitchen in the North Yorkshire Moors.

​Sourcing high quality chocolate from Belgium and Switzerland, this is then melted down, tempered and moulded. The ganaches are made from scratch, using fresh cream and piped into the moulded chocolates. These then are sealed and sent to you freshly made.

​The name was suggested to me by family, knowing I was struggling to come up with one. Having checked up on it I found that Itzamna was one of the gods of the Mayan Pantheon and he had instructed humans in the proper cultivation of cocoa and maize. This made the name tie in with other interests of mine, mythology and history and I couldn't say no, despite how often I have to explain where it comes from.

I try samples from as many different chocolate providers as I could and chose the best ones possible for my products ensuring the highest quality products.

You can find us at the following Farmer's Markets

  • Hartlepool Farmers Market on the second Saturday of each month
  • Wynyard Hall Farmers Market every third sunday of the month
  • Stewart Park Farmer Market on the last Sunday of the month

If you are in the area it would be great to see you and you can even try some free samples!

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