Magical woodland adventures

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Take your family on a wonderful new adventure. Explore magical woodland walks, discover fairy dens, mystical caves and waterfalls.


Woodland Waterfall Walk – Approx 3.5 - 4 mile round

  • With High Green on your right and High Street shops to your left, follow the road for 180 metres (200 yards) along onto Newton Road which bends to your left. Look for the sign-posted gap in the stone wall on the opposite side of the road where you’ll see a swing gate.

Hall Fields Great Ayton Walk through Hall Fields next to Cleveland Lodge Great Ayton

  • Follow the footpath through the woodland and into the fields. Follow the path through a couple more woodland pathways continuing across the rail track, and eventually up into Cliff Ridge Wood, part of the National Trust.

Cliff Ridge Woods Entrance to Ciff Ridge wood from fields

  • Once into the woods, take the lower path to your right, continuing for approx. 10 mins until you reach a gate opening into fields. Follow the sign-posted footpath along the top edge of the lower field, and cross the stile.
  • At the bottom of the natural, tree root steps, take a right, following Aireyholme Lane and continue down until you see a small woodland opening to your left, be careful, it's only a small entrance (this turning is before you reach the attractive houses further down on the left, if you’re passing these you’ve missed the entrance – head back up Aireyholme Lane and you will see the entrance on your right).

Aireyholme Lane and waterfall Left: Aireyholme Lane with entrance to woodland on your left - Right: Woodland waterfall

  • Follow the delightful woodland path which will lead you over a small stream and after approximately 10 - 15 minutes you will approach the beautiful natural waterfall, a perfect photo opportunity.
  • Once you’ve absorbed the magic follow the same path back you’ve just taken to Aireyholme Lane.  Keep following the road down until you reach the crossroads at Dikes Lane and continue straight over past the beautiful white cottage to your left. The road will dip down then ascend again where you will see a public footpath to your right.
  • Follow this path all the way down, over the railway bridge and continue until you reach Fletcher’s Farm where you can stop for a bite to eat and a drink at the coffee shop or pop into their farm shop.  Make sure you check out all the farm animals on your way.
  • When leaving Fletcher’s Farm follow the road down and past the farmhouses which are on your left. The road will bend to the left then back to the right, continue until you reach the junction with the bridge to your left.
  • Take a right here and walk along Little Ayton Lane until you see a public footpath sign on your left with a narrow path leading down to a little bridge. This is a lovely little beauty spot, perfect for a dip in the River Leven on a hot summer's day and for a family picnic.
  • From here you'll need to walk up the field with the fence on your right and then pass into the next field with a gradual ascent. You will meet a wooden gate, pass through this continuing through the next field, with the crops to your left.
  • Next you'll find a small path crossroads, continue straight over where you will enter the football pitch, keep straight ahead passing the Cricket Club to your left.
  • You will meet another wooden gate, pass through and start your descent down towards Waterfall Park. Enter Waterfall Park through the gate. Here you can stop for a rest before continuing back towards the village centre over the bridge with Suggitt's Ices ahead of you.

Waterfall Park Great Ayton

Waterfall Park Great Ayton - view from the High Street

Article by Sarah Botez


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