Captain Cook's Monument

Captain Cook's Monument was erected in memory of the famous circumnavigator who lived in Great Ayton as a young boy.  The monument was built in 1827 by Robert Campion, a banker from Whitby.  Captain Cook's Monument is situated on Easby Moor, walkable distance from Great Ayton.  You can take a longer walk from the centre of Great Ayton or drive up to Gribdale Gate and walk the rest of the way from this point.  

The monument inscription reads as thus:

"In memory of the celebrated circumnavigator Captain James Cook F.R.S. A man of nautical knowledge inferior to none, in zeal prudence and energy, superior to most. Regardless of danger he opened an intercourse with the Friendly Isles and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere. He was born at Marton Oct. 27th 1728 and massacred at Owythee Feb. 14th 1779 to the inexpressible grief of his countrymen. While the art of navigation shall be cultivated among men, whilst the spirit of enterprise, commerce and philanthropy shall animate the sons of Britain, while it shall be deemed the honour of a Christian Nation to spread civilisation and the blessings of the Christian faith among pagan and savage tribes, so long will the name of Captain Cook stand out amongst the most celebrated and most admired benefactors of the human race".

There are many wonderful walks to explore and beautiful views to be taken in from Captain Cook's Monument, be sure to take time and indulge in these breathtaking moments.

Captain Cook's Monument on the map

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