North Yorkshire Three Peaks

This glorious walk is definitely for the more adventurous taking in the sites of Roseberry Topping, Highcliff Nab and Captain Cook's Monument.

Sleddale walk Great Ayton

View over Sleddale

Distance: 12.5miles

Elevation Gain: 637m

Endurance: Moderate

  • The walk starts in Great Ayton. Park on the village High Street and look for the High Green on your right and shops to your left. The High Street forks just after Worthy Pearson, follow Newton Road on foot all the way up to the top until you reach the petrol station.
  • At the roundabout take the road which leads right, cross over Roseberry Crescent.  After a short distance you will see a farm track to your right with a barrier, take this path over the rail bridge until you see a gate ahead which you'll need to pass through into Newton Woods.
  • Follow the track which will fork after a short walk, take the left path and continue following the higher paths, you will see Roseberry Topping in the distance.
  • When Roseberry Topping comes fully into view there is a gate to your right, enter through and walk up the grassy bank with the Shooting Hut to your right.
  • At the top of the bank turn left, through the gate and up the stone steps, turning left at the the Roseberry Topping National Trust signpost.
  • Continue up to the summit of Roseberry Topping (320m), which overlooks Newton-under-Roseberry, Great Ayton and the east coast. Its summit has a distinctive half-cone shape with a jagged cliff, which has led to many comparisons with the much higher Matterhorn in the Swiss-Italian Alps in the Aosta Valley.
  • Follow the path back down to the National Trust signpost and turn left keeping the fence to your right. The path continues downhill then back uphill past Little Roseberry and out onto Newton Moor, arriving at Highcliff NAB (310m), which overlooks Guisborough.

Highcliff Nab Gisborough Moor

Photo credit: Mick Garratt / Highcliff Nab / CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Follow the path downhill, due south through Gisborough Moor and along a track above Sleddale. This dale is remarkable as it contains an old farmhouse, a wonderfully green valley, and plenty of sheep.

Sleddale long moors walk Great Ayton

Sleddale (long moors walk)

Descent down to Coate Moor

Coate Moor

  • There is a steep downhill, then the path continues along a tree-lined track through Coate Moor, and up to Captain Cook’s Monument from the back of Easby Moor (324m). This monument was erected in memory of the famous circumnavigator who lived in Great Ayton as a young boy.  The monument was built in 1827 by Robert Campion, a banker from Whitby. 
  • For the descent (which is steep and requires good balance) - when looking out over Great Ayton, take the path down the front of Easby Moor from the monument. The route leads down to the right, through the woodland and down a very steep slope.

Descent down from Captain Cook's Monument

Steep descent down from Captain Cooks Monument

  • When at the bottom of the slope the path heads upwards to the left, downwards to the right or straight over. Travel straight over and down a hill to a lower path, then take a right turn through fields and gates.
  • The path will lead down through another wooded area with steps of stone and tree roots. After a short while the path will continue straight on or turn left.
  • Turn left onto a farm track which leads to Fletcher’s Farm, a cosy and very welcoming wood-built café with delicious cakes and refreshments and their farm shop.
  • When leaving Fletcher’s Farm follow the road down and past the farmhouses which are on your left. The road will bend to the left then back to the right, continue until you reach the junction with the bridge to your left.
  • Take a right here and walk along Little Ayton Lane until you see a public footpath sign on your left with a narrow path leading down to a little bridge. This is a lovely little beauty spot, perfect for a dip in the River Leven on a hot summer's day and for a family picnic.
  • From here you'll need to walk up the field with the fence on your right and then pass into the next field with a gradual ascent. You will meet a wooden gate, pass through this continuing through the next field, with the crops to your left.
  • Next you'll find a small path crossroads, continue straight over where you will enter the football pitch, keep straight ahead passing the Cricket Club to your left.
  • You will meet another wooden gate, pass through and start your descent down towards Waterfall Park. Enter Waterfall Park through the gate. Here you can stop for a rest before continuing back towards the village centre over the bridge with Suggitt's Ices ahead of you.

Walking route and video content kindly provided by Mike Newton (page edits by Visit Great Ayton).

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